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Chapter 3 Citing and referencing of electronic sources using Harvard

Introduction to citing and referencing electronic sources using Harvard

Many of the sources for your assignments will be accessed via the web. Just as with information in print, it is essential for you to show when you have used other people's work and to provide evidence to support points you are making.



If a website does not have a copyright symbol or statement, do you think that you are entitled to copy it? Think about your answer carefully then write it and your reasons in the text box.

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that because a web page doesn't have a copyright symbol or statement, then it is free to use as you wish, without a reference. That's not true. It has become more common for the copyright symbol to be used on web pages. It indicates the value the author places on the work and can be an indicator of quality. But if there is no copyright symbol, any original work is still covered by copyright and belongs to the person who created it. It is cheating to reuse it and pretend it is your own.Check your answer

In this chapter we will look at how to present references to electronic sources in both the Harvard and Numeric systems. We will look at how to reference:

  • Web documents
  • Electronic journal articles
  • Websites belonging to organisations